Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon is a premium carbon project developer established in 2012 that delivers benefits
for local communities, biodiversity and investors through a proven business model. Based in
Indonesia, Forest Carbon’s team brings a decade of on-the-ground experience in mapping and
assessing carbon assets, hiring local workers and obtaining community support. The company
specializes in the full lifecycle of project development from securing investment, designing and
delivering the project and securing carbon sales to run a sustainable business.

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PT Xurya Daya Indonesia (Xurya) is an Indonesian renewable energy startup focusing on rooftop solar power plants with a vision to be a leader in technology and solutions for clean and sustainable energy. Xurya offers a NO INVESTMENT method to make it easier for companies to make the transition to solar energy by providing a “one-stop solution” starting from feasibility studies, installation, operation, and maintenance (including component replacement). Established in 2018, Xurya is currently operating more than 50 Rooftop Solar Power Plants in various industries (manufacturing, cold storage, logistics hub, hotels, and shopping centers).