ESG considerations are integral to Saratoga’s investment strategy and decision, creating greater impact for better businesses.
Saratoga applies internal ESG standards as part of our deal screening and due diligence process.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Successful investments beget social
responsibilities. We are fully committed
to making an impactful contribution
to society.

Companies must not only do good by their people, but also for the good of their communities. Hence, we focus on aligning the triple bottom-line concept of Profit, People and Planet, and engage fully in our three CSR pillars of Community Empowerment, Environment, and Social & Culture Development.

We design our CSR programs with reference to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This has enabled the Saratoga group of companies to demonstrate how the private sector can create financially sustainable business models that deliver strong returns and impactful benefits to stakeholders.

Our Three CSR Pillars

Community Empowerment

Saratoga capitalizes its ability to affect long-term social and economic growth to empower communities through quality education, vocational training and entrepreneurship.


Saratoga strives at every opportunity to remind communities on the importance of environmental sustainability, creating awareness and imparting knowledge on environmental conservation among teachers and local community leaders across the country.

Social & Culture Development

Social and cultural development is very much a part of SDGs. Saratoga actively contributes to improving the social conditions and quality of life of developing communities in Indonesia.

Employee Health,
Safety And Welfare

Saratoga takes the health, safety and welfare of employees seriously, as part of our belief that a company must do good by its people. We maintain a safe and healthy working environment, and comply with all safety laws, standards and guidelines. Our attention to Employee Health, Safety and Welfare has never been more pronounced than in our responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020 -2021:
Response to Covid-19

We employ strict health protocols in all of our working premises and carry out the work-from-home and remote interactive regimens at work. Helping communities deal with the pandemic has also become a strong feature of our CSR programs. Together with our portfolio companies, we deploy innovative assistances and support communities in combating the spread of Covid-19.

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