Accelerating the Growth of Indonesia’s Digital Industry, AtriaDC Focuses on Developing Environmentally Friendly and Interconnected Data Centers Close to End-Users

JAKARTA, 15 August 2022 – AtriaDC, an environmentally friendly data center service provider, is developing its data center assets equipped with a high-speed and reliable edge transmission network. AtriaDC currently operates a purpose-built data center located near the major Internet exchanges as well as end-users, thus allowing low-latency connectivity to support the ultimate experience for end-users.

AtriaDC President Director Angelo Syailendra explained that the company operates a data center which connects customers to the global ecosystem in a timely and flexible manner. AtriaDC will continue to focus on developing edge data centers which serve as an economic and interactive business hub. Armed with the concept of “environmentally friendly data center”, AtriaDC also seeks to support the Indonesian government’s initiative to achieve net zero
emissions by 2060.

“Our commitment is to build and develop environmentally friendly edge data centers to become a strategic partner for our customers, who are striving to meet their business objectives on digital transformation. We are confident that aided by our team of experts and proprietary technology, AtriaDC data centers will provide a solution to companies’ need to collocate, interconnect, and provide a world-class digital experience for partners, customers and end-users,” Angelo explained in an official statement in Jakarta on Monday (15/8).

AtriaDC also embodies the purpose-built concept, where the building is exclusively designed for a data center. The landbank that AtriaDC has secured will allow it to transform into a data center with the largest “purpose-built edge data center” concept in Indonesia. Designed and developed with world-class standards, AtriaDC data center has a forward-thinking service level with uptime rates of up to 99.999% and a security team and system of the highest

“The digitalization process in Indonesia is taking place at a rapid pace and requires the support of a large data center with world-class service standards. At AtriaDC, we strive to continuously improve and maintain our service levels to accommodate customer needs,” Angelo said.

To support this business strategy, AtriaDC has acquired an operating data center asset in the city located in the West Jakarta area with a landbank that is capable of facilitating a total capacity of approximately 30 megawatts (MW). Going forward, AtriaDC will continue to build and acquire other data center assets by adhering to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles by creating green data centers and using efficient renewable energy technology.

“This acquisition is the first step to strengthen AtriaDC’s position as an edge data center provider by considering both the large end-user population in the surrounding areas and the network density level, which is the main criterion for the edge data center business. We believe this strategy will support AtriaDC’s long-term target to become the best leading data center company for business players and the Indonesian digital community,” he said.

The development of AtriaDC as an environmentally friendly data center will receive full support from PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. (SRTG) as the main shareholder. The support for AtriaDC is a testament to Saratoga’s consistency as an active investment company that takes initiatives in developing and realizing digital economic progress in Indonesia. Full support from Saratoga will enable AtriaDC to execute its business plans in a measured, disciplined, and optimal manner.

“Saratoga’s participation in developing AtriaDC is a reflection of the company’s commitment to taking an active role in developing strategic business sectors with strong long-term growth potential and having a major impact on Indonesia’s economic growth. With its experience and resources, Saratoga will be actively involved in supporting AtriaDC to become a company that develops environmentally friendly, purpose-built edge data centers and help it become a digitalization solution in Indonesia,” said PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. (SRTG) President Director Michael William P. Soeryadjaya.

The current rapid growth of the digital economy in Indonesia has not been matched with an adequate capacity of modular data centers. Compared to the five main countries in ASEAN (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines), Indonesia only makes up a mere 12.7% share of installed data center capacity. Whereas cellular users (43.8%) and internet users (41.2%) in Indonesia are the largest. With an Indonesian population of more than 270 million people, Indonesia’s data center installed capacity is currently at only 0.6 watts per capita or an aggregate average of 167 megawatts. This is much lower than Japan, which has a population of 126 million people, and a data center installed capacity of around 15 watts per capita.

“This is highly promising potential. The number of Indonesian Internet users, which has reached 73.7% of the total population, certainly requires data center support with a reliable, fast, and stable network. We are trying to optimize this digitalization opportunity by providing the best services supported by reliable infrastructure and human resources,” Angelo concluded.


About AtriaDC

AtriaDC is an environmentally friendly data center service provider with assets in strategic locations
in the city (Edge) with a purpose-built concept. AtriaDC provides quality and scalable data center
services for enterprises to collocate, interconnect, as well as deliver world-class digital experiences
to partners, customers and end-users.

About PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk.

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Our investment strategy has been refined to adapt to the changing times, evolving from our initial focus on natural resources, infrastructure, and consumer sectors to our participation in other new emerging sectors, including the rapidly expanding digital technology sector that has grown to become a major main driver of Indonesia’s sustainable economic growth.

Saratoga’s vision is to continue to be a leading world-class active investment company and the partner of choice for both local and foreign investors looking to participate in the dynamics of Indonesia’s economic growth.

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