Saratoga Supports Ora et Labora Foundation in Establishing the First Private Vocational School in Indonesia Specializing in Electric Power Engineering Program

8 March, 2017

The establishment of this Vocational School Specializing in Electric Power Engineering
Program is a concrete support to the government in realizing the 35,000 MW electricity

Tangerang, March 1, 2017 – PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. (Saratoga) supports Ora et
Labora Foundation in the establishment of the first private Vocational School specializing in
Electrical Engineering Program (SMK Program Teknik Ketenagalistrikan) in Indonesia. This activity
is marked by groundbreaking held today in South Tangerang. The initiative of Saratoga and Ora et
Labora (OeL) is a concrete support to the government in realizing the 35,000-megawatt electricity

PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. Chief Financial Officer, Jerry Ngo explained that Saratoga’s
initiative is driven by a growing demand from industry players for more skilled manpower in the
power-generating sector. This program is also aligned with one of Saratoga’s Corporate Social
Responsibility pillars that focuses on human capital development. Investment in education will
create more qualified Indonesians that can contribute positively to the country’s development.

“Saratoga, through its investee companies in the power sector and the power plant industry,
takes an active role in creating the school’s curriculum and monitoring the learning process at
SMK Teknik Ketenagalistrikan Ora et Labora. The involvement of Saratoga’s investee compenies
will be enlarged with more partnerships with other companies in the power-generating sector.
This is to ensure that the program implementation and its graduates match with the needs in the
power sector and of its players. The curriculum developed and applied will be industry-based
with training facilities that closely resemble the actual equipments. Moreover, the students will
obtain certificates from the government and industry player that partners with SMK OeL to
strengthen their quality standards,” Jerry said.

Jerry also added that as an active investment company in Indonesia, Saratoga would like to be at
the forefront in concerted efforts to prepare quality, educated manpower in the powergenerating
sector. “We hope that with the standards and quality of the faculty and curriculum,
this SMK is going to be one of the best vocational schools and will make positive contributions to
the industry and country,” said Jerry.

The school is expected to meet the increasing demand from the industry for trained and
qualified operators, including those from the companies under Saratoga Group, like Adaro Power
(one of the subsidiaries of Adaro Energy), Medco Power Indonesia, Paiton Energy and Tenaga
Listrik Gorontalo. Saratoga is one of the largest investor groups that invests in power generation.

Ora et Labora Foundation Chairperson, Sandi Rahaju, explained that the establishment of SMK
Program Teknik Ketenagalistrikan Ora et Labora is a significant step in preparing quality human
resources in the electricity sector, especially power plant experts. There is an increasing demand
for electricity nationally, thus, the availability of human resources that are skillful in the power
sector becomes more crucial.

There is a greater need for human resources in the electricity sector due to the government’s
35,000 MW electricity program. The government recorded that demand for professional
manpower in electricity reaches to 3.65 million people, which consist of 3 million people of
indirect labor and 650,000 of direct labor.1

“We are grateful SMK Program Teknik Ketenagalistrikan – a partnership between Ora Et Labora
and Saratoga – will be realized soon. This SMK is open to public and hopefully can become part of
the government’s solution in strengthening the electricity sector in Indonesia,” explained Sandi in
Tangerang (1/3).

According to Sandi, the educational system at SMK Program Teknik Ketenagalistrikan Ora Et
Labora will be divided into two programs. The first one is the Voc-Tech program, which will be
starting in the 2017/2018 academic year in July 2017 and On-Board Training which will be
conducted in 2018 over a period of 6-8 months. The first batch of participants will be recruited
from power plants companies who want to improve their employees’ skills in electricity.

Within the first year, SMK Program Teknik Ketenagalistrikan Ora Et Labora will begin submissions
for one class wherein the students will learn for four years, which equals Diploma I. In the second
year, one more class will be added, which will eventually evolve to accommodate more and nore

To ensure the quality of the SMK graduates, Ora Et Labora Foundation also teams up with Swiss
German University (SGU) to bring competent and credible educators in their respective fields.
Meanwhile, for electrical engineering training, Ora Et Labora will also embrace Industrial
Technology Enterprise (CITE), an industrial-based, social-oriented and world-class global agency.

Ora et Labora Foundation Head of Board of Trustees, Edwin Soeryadjaya explained that the
establishment of a Vocational School like SMK Teknik Ketenagalistrikan Ora et Labora is the
manifestation of a collaboration between the educational sector and corporate sector as well as
the government, which can bridge the gap between theoretical education at school and its
application on the field, thus, the graduates of this SMK can become quality human resources
who are ready to enter the professional realm immediately upon graduating.

“We hope that our concept of educational–corporate sector collaboration can serve as a
benchmark for other industry players, encouraging them to support this program, especially in
the power sector and other sectors, and for them to follow suit, so we can all contribute more to
the development of the nation,” Edwin concluded.


Press Release Saratoga and SMK OEL 1 March 2017

Press Release Saratoga and SMK OEL 1 March 2017

About PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk.

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About Ora Et Labora Foundation

YPK Ora et Labora has been managing the ORA et LABORA school since May 28, 1966. It began with Benny Rob Arie
Riupassa and Johannes Boudewijn Riupassa who built a school for teaching-learning activity at Kindergarten (TK) level,
Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP) to High School (SMA).

The ORA et LABORA school has booked academical achievements both on the national and international levels. On the
national level, ORA et LABORA students have claimed various winning titles in the National Science Olympics (OSN) for
Natural Sciences (IPA) and Math.

Meanwhile, on the international level, several accomplished students have honored the ORA et LABORA name by
winning gold and silver medals at several math and science olympics at ASEAN level and on a global scale.

Today, YPK ORA et LABORA has established three schools in Panglima Polim, Bumi Serpong Damai and Pamulang.

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