Investor Relations

Saratoga is a partner of choice for investors who wish to participate in the growth of early stage opportunities in Indonesia.

Saratoga invests through high and low economic cycles, finding opportunities even in challenging times, and strengthening its investment portfolios at strategic intervals. With its proven track record, high growth potential and prudent approach, Saratoga presents a unique investment asset in Indonesia.

Net Asset Value


NAV is calculated using the sum of the parts methodology, adjusted for debt and cash balance
Listed companies were valued based on market price for the day
Unlisted companies were valued based on cost method
FX rates used were based on Bank Indonesia mid rates as published during the day

DISCLAIMER : The information contained in this document is intended solely for the use of our internal reference. We used conservative method to do the above calculation. There might be some difference of calculation against the market value. We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information herein.”

Shareholders Structure


26 August 2020
Saratoga Investor Relation Presentation FY2019_Final Public
23 March 2020
Saratoga Investor Relation Presentation 9M19 Final_Public
12 November 2019
Saratoga Investor Relation Presentation H119 Final_Public
2 August 2019

Annual Reports

Saratoga Annual Report 2019
25 May 2020
Saratoga Annual Report 2018
29 April 2019
Saratoga Annual Report 2017
7 April 2018
Saratoga Annual Report 2016 (English)
5 April 2017
2015 : Active Investing
9 May 2016

Investor Relations Contact

Please feel free to send your inquiries to the Saratoga Investor Relations team.


Correspondence Address:
Menara Karya, 15th Floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Block X-5 Kav. 1-2
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia