Edwin & Sandiaga Uno


The Partnership between Our Founding Partners, Edwin Soeryadjaya and Sandiaga S. Uno, Began in 1997

Despite the economic and political uncertainties then, our founding partners saw the immense potential that the country had. At a time when most investors were shying away from the country, our partners were actively exploring investment opportunities.

Our partners envisioned that post-crisis, the nation would need energy to fuel the economy, and coal was the most accessible energy source. Based on this, our founders invested in Adaro in 2001, and facilitated Adaro to become a pit-to-port integrated coal company. In 2008, Adaro’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) became the largest IPO in the Indonesian market.

Today, the company continues to be the largest coal mining company by market capitalization.

Saratoga believes that Adaro’s value will continue to increase as they move into the power generation segment and become a pit-to-power integrated coal company.

Following the success of Adaro, Saratoga continued to look at other sectors that had growth potential. In 2004, our founding partners, together with Provident Capital, were offered an opportunity to invest in a small independent tower company that owned a total of seven towers across Indonesia. Our founders saw potential in the company and in the sector and decided to invest in the small tower company. Saratoga managed to substantially grow the company, and renamed the company to Tower Bersama Infrastructure Group (TBIG).

Today, TBIG has more than 11,000 telecommunication sites serving more than 18,000 tenants and is the leading tower company in Indonesia by market capitalization.

In recent years, Saratoga saw a growing trend in Indonesia’s consumer sector. In 2010, Saratoga invested in Mitra Pinasthika Mustika (MPM), a diversified automotive company with leading market shares in motorcycle retail, motorcycle distribution, motorcycle components, lubricant oil, and motorcycle financing. Post-acquisition, Saratoga guided MPM to strategically strengthen their core businesses, spin-off businesses in their portfolio that has low growth potential, as well as enter adjacent businesses with more attractive economics.

In June 2013, Saratoga tapped into the Indonesian capital market, successfully listed itself on the IDX, and became the first investment of its kind to be listed in the country. Going forward, Saratoga continues to focus on its strengths and capabilities to explore investment opportunities, create values, and grow its investment portfolio across the three key sectors of Indonesian economy: Natural Resources, Infrastructure, and Consumer.