Who We Are

We are the leading active investment company with over two decades of investment experience and expertise in the local and regional markets of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

What We Do

We invest in companies with significant growth potential, and place our substantial financial, managerial, and marketing resources behind their growth.


Portfolio News

Primaya Hospital and Ge Healthcare Celebrate 15th Anniversary of Their Strategic Partnership

Jakarta, 25 Agustus 2021 – Bertepatan dengan ulang tahun ke-15, GE Healthcare dan Primaya Hospital hari ini merayakan kerja sama strategis antara kedua belah pihak. Kerjasama GE Healthcare dan Primaya Hospital ditandai dengan instalasi state-of-the-art fasilitas kesehatan mumpuni di Primaya Hospital yang ditujukan sebagai komitmen untuk memberikan layanan kesehatan terbaik. Primaya Hospital memiliki >75 layanan […]
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Press Releases

Focusing on Indonesia’s E-Commerce Acceleration, SIRCLO Announces Triawan Munaf and Maurits Lalisang as New Commissioners

Jakarta, 7 October 2021—E-Commerce enabler SIRCLO today welcomed Triawan Munaf and Maurits Lalisang as the company’s new commissioners. Triawan and Maurits will join forces to support SIRCLO in developing its technological capabilities, as well as accelerating the digitisation process of MSMEs and enterprise-scale businesses throughout Indonesia.  Brian Marshal, Founder and CEO of SIRCLO, expressed his […]
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