Agro Maju Jaya

26 September, 2015

PT Agro Maju Raya is an early-stage palm plantation company with plantations located in Aceh Darussalam, South Sumatera and South Kalimantan. The company has a land bank of some 83,000 hectares, all of which have been certified for commercial use, the highest certification of its kind for a plantation estate in Indonesia.

Some 27,000 hectares of the company’s land bank have been planted with palm trees currently entering early productive age with an average age of 2 – 3 years.

Anticipating an increasing volume of palm FFB; the company has begun construction of a palm processing mill with a milling capacity of 60 tons of FFB per hour in Aceh and another one in South Kalimantan with a milling capacity for 45 tons of FFB per hour.