Corporate Social Responsibility

At Saratoga we are committed to maintaining sustainable growth through community empowerment, care for the environment and various social approaches. Saratoga always strives to maintain a balance between its business interests and its responsibility toward the community, the environment and social welfare. This is based on the recognition that our business sustainability is highly dependent upon the creation of mutually beneficial relationships among all stakeholders.

Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment is conducted through an Education. Enhancement program, as we firmly believe that investment in education creates stronger communities.

Education Enhancement

In August 2014, Saratoga supported the renovation of an elementary school on Serangan Island, South of Bali. The condition of the school before renovation was concerning as water trickled down to the classrooms on rainy days and limiting the usage of the classrooms. The Company allocated IDR188 million for the project, which included replacing the roof of a building hosting five classes, repainting the classrooms and teachers’ office, and constructing a small temple in front of the school.

Saratoga’s CSR group and our President Director, who is a keen member of the running group Berlari untuk Berbagi (Run for a Cause), participated in the 2014 Chicago Marathon to raise funds for the Red Nose Foundation’s development of an Education and Community Center for the needy children in Cilincing, North Jakarta. The center facilities include a library, a computer laboratory, several classrooms and a gymnasium. Students and young people in the area can access and gain formal education, as well as skills in the arts. The center provides space for the Red Nose Performance Troupe, in which children learn circus skills, as well as the importance of teamwork, empathy, and perseverance Our staff also assisted the center by volunteering as English tutors for the students. The total fundraising contribution from Saratoga for the center’s development was IDR393.5 million.


Economic Development

In an effort to help the government improving the welfare of Indonesian families, PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya, Tbk. launched a women empowerment program called “Great Women, Independent Women” on 29April 2015. Saratoga collaborates with a well-known provider of products and services to culinary businesses Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) and a social foundation Mien R. Uno Foundation (MRUF).

Through the “Great Women, Independent Women” program, 80 Indonesian women are given a series of training on entrepreneurship concepts and financial literacy to be applied in the culinary sector. At this first stage, 17 to 40 years old women living in the areas of Gandaria, Ciputat, Bogor and Tanah Abang fulfilled the selection criteria and participated in the activity held at the Senayan Golf Driving Range. Going forward, the program aims to reach out to more women in various regions in Indonesia.

“Great Women, Independent Women” is Saratoga’s initiative in improving Indonesian women knowledge and understanding about entrepreneurship and financial management in running their businesses. The program aspires to strengthen the position of women in improving families’ welfare through advancing women’s business skills and financial knowledge


To be A New Green Leader is Saratoga’s way of sharing in protecting the environment and conserving nature. Saratoga collaborates with Eco Camp, an environmental training facility in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia managed by Eco Learning Camp Foundation, a provider of diversed environmentally based values education. The program provides training to improve awareness, knowledge, and skills to Indonesian teachers and local leaders who wish to be a new green leader and have the ability to train other people in their respective living areas.

The 10 days training for trainer program was launched on 25 September 2015 and participated by 52 Indonesian teachers, school leaders, local leaders from Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, and Papua.

Social Culture

The pillar of Social & Cultural Development is implemented through our social care program, which aims to improve the social conditions and the quality of life for communities living around Jakarta.   We believe that a great company is defined by its culture; a culture that is in sync with the way the organization operates. At the heart of this culture are strong core values that bond employees together.

Care of Poverty

Contributing to social welfare, especially for the aged, Saratoga employees celebrated Christmas together with the elderly at Santa Anna elderly home in North Jakarta. Saratoga donated IDR70 million to Santa Anna elderly home and Werdha Melania elderly home in Tangerang on Christmas Day in 2014.

Care of Jakarta

Saratoga collaborated with Adaro Energy to participate in Clean Up Jakarta, an annual event that brings together Company volunteers and citizens to raise awareness of littering issue in the city by picking up trash in some areas of Jakarta. Our objective is that every day will be a Clean Up Jakarta Day, as we encourage citizens to take responsibility for creating a cleaner national capital. Clean Up Jakarta Day 2014 took place on 19 October 2014, with 5,000 volunteers turning up to pick up rubbish. Saratoga’s volunteers collected trash and cleaned public places around the Senayan area.

Our concern for the city also includes the desire to improve public transport services. In Novembe 2014, Saratoga contributed IDR1 billion to pool of funds to ecquire Swedish-made Scania Euro 6 Bus for the Transjakarta Bus Way service.