Corporate Social Responsibility

Undertaking Our Business Responsibly

Human resources development starts with the people of Saratoga, but extends well into the communities in which we operate. This is because at Saratoga, we recognize our role and ability to affect long-term economic and social development in growth markets as agents of change.

This is exemplified in the way in which we deploy capital, with strong team and a focus on enhancing productivity and creating regional champions through strong commercial discipline, as well as through our engagement in stakeholder dialogue and partnerships, to strengthen the field of sustainable investing more broadly.
We design our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs with reference to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our CSR programs stand on three main pillars: Community Empowerment, Environment and Social and Cultural Development.

We have an active year ahead as we work collaboratively with our partners to deliver on our long-term objectives. The SDGs have given businesses the opportunity to bring their expertise, networks and resources to bear in achieving goals that can be transformative for society. We are committed to playing our part in this endeavour and to demonstrating how the private sector can create financially sustainable business models that deliver strong returns and achieve high impact.

Moreover, our corporate social responsibility programs underline our beliefs in that companies must not only do good by their people, but also for the good of their communities. Which is why we continue to pursue our philosophy of investing in people, community and the environment as a way to achieve long-term sustainable development.
As we continue to grow along with the communities in which the Saratoga group operates, we are particularly focused on aligning the triple bottom line concept comprising of the three Ps (profit, people and planet). Saratoga is committed to consistently deliver concrete contributions toward sustainable national development by improving the social welfare of local communities.


Education Development

Saratoga believes that our youth represent the true wealth of our nation and that is the answer to Indonesia’s biggest challenges lies in the untapped potential of our youth.

Our education programs are dedicated to harnessing this powerful force to propel our nation towards a brighter future. We also aim to increase the opportunities for technical and vocational training, and ultimately to improve access to higher education.

Saratoga supports the Ora et Labora Foundation in establishing the first mid-level vocational school (SMK) specializing in electrical technician training in Indonesia. This joint initiative between Saratoga and Ora et Labora (OeL) aims to support the electrification program of the government of Indonesia to build up to 35,000-megawatt of electricity generating capacity by 2019.

As the Indonesian economy continues to grow from strength to strength, many industries will require increasingly skilled workers of various disciplines. Only through investments in education can we create qualified technicians and professionals who can contribute positively to the country’s development.

Our engagement with OeL to establish the SMK is a manifestation of such an investment. We believe the school will produce a continuous stream of trained electrical technicians for Indonesia’s growing power-generating sector. We also hope that with the standards and quality of the faculty and curriculum, this SMK is going to be one of the best vocational schools in the country.

Saratoga also supports the Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) Program initiated by McKinsey & Company in 2008, targeting high performing students from leading universities in Indonesia and others. The YLI Program aims to build future generations of leaders of Indonesia, specifically by enhancing leadership skills and developing network.

Aside from all this, Saratoga also encourages its employees to volunteer as teachers, lecturers or coaches in various educational programs of non-profit organizations.


Saratoga continues to enhance synergies with our investee companies and partners in implementing programs to create or increase awareness for environmental safety and conservation.

Since 2015, every year Saratoga organized special program “To be a New Green Leader” Saratoga Berbagi, Saratoga’s way of sharing the 10-day training the trainers program in collaboration with the Eco Learning Camp Foundation. The program provides training to improve awareness, knowledge and skills to Indonesian teachers and local leaders who wish to become a green leader and have the ability to train people in their respective living areas. The training was held in Eco Camp, an environmental training facility in Bandung, West Java and participated by 50 – 60 Indonesian teachers, school leaders, and local leaders from all over Indonesia.

Social Culture

The pillar of Social & Cultural development is implemented through our social care program, which aims to improve the social conditions and the quality of life for communities living in Indonesia especially around Jakarta.

Care of Poverty

Saratoga continues to contribute to social welfare especially unfortunate people in around Jakarta area.

Care for the City of Jakarta

Every year Saratoga collaborated with PT Adaro Energy Tbk., to participate in the Clean Up Jakarta annual event that brings together company volunteers and citizens to raise awareness of the littering issue in the city. Our objective is that every day will be a Clean Up Jakarta Day, as we encourage citizens to take responsibility for creating a cleaner national capital. Clean Up Jakarta Day always took place around October, with more than 10,000 volunteers in 37 sites turning up to pick up rubbish. Saratoga’s volunteers collected trash and cleaned public places around the Hotel Indonesia

Rotunda area.

Care for Culture & Tourism

Saratoga continues aims to cultivate, preserve and enhance Indonesian arts and culture.